We design a strategic sustainability path for each property based upon its unique asset plan.


To create sustainable value for our clients and community.


We empower our people and engage our clients with innovative solutions to reduce our impact on climate change.

Strategic Framework

Warrington PCI Management’s Environmental Sustainability Framework describes the key elements of our company’s strategy. The inside of the circle represents the organization’s five key areas of focus. “Resilience” surrounds this inner circle as a sixth focus area, highlighting WPM’s efforts to integrate resiliency measures into all aspects of the sustainability strategy.  

The outermost circle describes WPM’s six-step process for measuring, tracking, progressing and communicating the company’s sustainability performance in each focus area. Each of the framework’s components supports WPM’s commitment to low carbon and climate-resilient operations.

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At WPM, we recognize that we have a responsibility to our clients, tenants, employees, communities and the planet to conduct our business activities in a manner that drives sustainable performance and advances low carbon resilience. The science is clear: the Earth is warming at an accelerating pace and we are seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change around us. As global citizens, we believe it is our collective duty to limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and reach net zero emissions by 2050. As the largest commercial real estate management firm in British Columbia, we have the opportunity to be part of the solution.
Chris Kasianchuk
Vice President, Sustainability

Our ESG Journey

Over the last several years we have continued to work on and refine our sustainability program. We started by taking stock of our current sustainability achievements, engaging with our stakeholders to set our direction and laying the foundations for a robust performance software system. We have solidified our commitment to integrating sustainability into our business practices by creating a Vice President of Sustainability role that reports directly to our President and by establishing a leadership-level Sustainability Commitee to provide guidance on our efforts.

‍Looking forward, we are commited to improving our data collection and analysis systems in the areas of energy, waste and water and setting targets for all aspects of our sustainability program. We are conducting a materiality assessment to confirm strategic priorities and are considering appropriate reporting frameworks to ensure transparency and accountability. All of these initiatives will inform the development of a comprehensive Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) strategy in 2023. Our ESG strategy will outline how we measure and evaluate our performance and systems, show our commitment with a robust set of targets and plans, lay the foundation for implementing actions and put us on track to confirm and shares our ESG results on an annual basis.


Put systems in place to capture data and assess ESG performance


Analyze and benchmark ESG performance


Set ESG targets

Develop plans and programs


Invest in actions and certification

Drive ESG performance


Track and verify results


Publish ESG report

Disclose ESG performance against targets

Our Objectives

We have set 2030 as our target year to have achieved the following, wholistic objectives to environmental responsibility at WPM.


of our Building Operators will have completed formal energy management training by Dec 2025.

Waste benchmarks will be set across all managed properties where metrics are available by:

December 2024

Sharing WPM’s targets for decarbonization, energy, waste and water with tenants across 100% of our managed portfolio and request their active participation by 2025.


of our portfolio will have a sustainable green procurement policy in place to ensure contractor environmental performance by Dec 2024.


of our managed portfolio will be enrolled in utility and emissions analysis programs in 2023.


of our portfolio will undergo a climate risk assessment by Dec 2025.


of our portfolio will have a sustainable green procurement policy in place to ensure contractor environmental performance by Dec 2024.

Professional Associations & Awards

We actively engage with industry groups and our community to advocate for and support the growth of sustainable, healthy spaces to live and work. We are proud to work with the following professional organizations:

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