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For over 30 years, we have been focused on one thing:

Managing Properties to Maximize Results

Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, Warrington PCI Management is a fully integrated real estate company dedicated to protecting, creating and enhancing value for our clients and their assets.


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Every decision we make considers how it will equally impact these three elements of our business
Down Arrow

Diversity and Inclusion

These are core principles we seek to consider in every hiring and team building decision we make.


Our senior leadership team has on average 22 years experience within their specialization.

Health, Safety, the Environment & Fiscal Responsibility

These are the critical elements supporting our business and policymaking.


We take ownership and we get it done. We honour our commitments to our clients and to each other. There’s no passing the buck at WPM. Every member of our team understands how we all perform better when we speak up, listen to learn and ask for assistance when needed.

Alignment with Asset Plans

Every property has a strategic property management plan that is updated annually. We use this plan for guidance in our daily decision-making and assurance that our choices remain in alignment with the property’s intended use.


Consistency of procedures and proactive, preventative maintenance plans ensure limited tenant interruption and more efficient systems.

Cleanliness and Security

These may be basics in Property Management but we take them one step further with frequent, scheduled building inspections and regular reviews of security risks and protocols.

Functional but never Boring

We seek opportunities to enhance the beauty of each property and its surroundings because nobody wants to live or work in a boring box.